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Benefits of a facial

The humble facial treatment can do wonders for stress levels, it’s a great opportunity to slow right down and just relax. But they are more than just slapping a bit of cream on your face. There’s an art to it (yes, you’re right… I could be a little biased).

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She was always going to be a beauty therapist... whether she knew it or not!

I love popping pimples… And its one of the most rewarding parts of my job. Not just for the epic pops. But for the confidence that clients will gain when their skin clears up. To know that they don’t have to resort to harsh medications like roaccutane and that they don’t have to put up with painful cysts and pimples either.

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Should I be changing up my skincare?

It’s easy to get stuck in old habits and keep buying the same old stuff, because you know it works. You know your skin doesn’t react to it. And you like the feel and smell of it. But, how long have you been buying the same products for? And are they giving you the results you first saw?

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