Should I be changing up my skincare?

They say that change is as good as a holiday... but when was the last time you changed up your skincare? And is it something you should be doing?


It’s easy to get stuck in old habits and keep buying the same old stuff, because you know it works. You know your skin doesn’t react to it. And you like the feel and smell of it. But, how long have you been buying the same products for? And are they giving you the results you first saw?


Over time the needs of our skin change, our diets might be different, the seasons change, our stress levels fluctuate all of these factors influence what is going on with our skin. Take the seasons for instance. You’re probably noticing your skin is that bit drier now during winter than it is in summer. That’s thanks to dry air, super hot showers and heating. Typically in winter you’ll need something a bit more nourishing to compensate for that loss of moisture. Whereas in summer something nourishing but light and not to occlusive is what you’ll prefer.


Then there’s those internal factors that influence the appearance of our skin. That’s always changing, hormones, stress levels, diet and nutrient intake, general health etc... An easy way to think of your homecare is like your evening meal. After awhile steak and potatoes is going to get a bit monotonous and probably won’t meet all of your needs all the time. Your body will eventually crave some kind of variety and different nutrients. Same goes for your skin.


Your needs also change in terms of what concerns you most. You might start treating pigmentation then get that under control and want to address signs of ageing and loss of elasticity or maybe your skin starts breaking out.And different products will work better for different concerns.


So ultimately variety is the spice of life and changing up your skincare from time to time can absolutely be beneficial. Though in my opinion you don’t have to have 50 products on the go at once (but, you can if you want) just replace things as you run out. Assessing your needs at that point in time. So find a range you like that has plenty of options to keep your skin on its toes!


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