What on Earth is LED?

Let’s talk LED. You’ve probably heard the term along the road somewhere but ah, what actually is it? Well, L.E.D stands for light emitting diode (yep that’s cleared things up so much, NOT). It’s a light activation gadget used to encourage skin rejuvenation and enhance skin healing. LED is amazing because it utilises different coloured light, that reaches different levels in the skin (levels that we can’t necessarily treat with skincare alone) to treat various skin concerns.


The treatment itself is really straight forward for the recipient. Just sit back and relax, maybe even have a bit of a snooze. It’s totally painless, though the intensity of the light can be a bit confronting at first. The big panel of lights sits quite close to your face (about 20-30cms away) and depending on what’s being treated will shine bright red, blue, green or yellow light.


As mentioned earlier, the different colours reach different levels in the skin.


Blue, the most superficial is often used for acne applications. It has an anti-inflammatory function and cleans the skin of acne bacteria as well as sterilising and calming the skin.


Then there’s green; this colour helps in reducing pigmentation and fading spots to even out your overall skin tone.


Yellow light penetrates the skin deeper still. And is used to reduce inflammation and redness of the skin. It also stimulates circulation and improves skin density.


Red light is great for pretty much everyone. There’s a wide range of benefits, as it penetrates the deepest into the skin of the four colours. Red light can help with anti-ageing treatments and skin rejuvenation including wrinkle reduction. It can also reduce pigmentation, sundamage and age spots as well as freckles. But, best of all... red is the healing light, it will help repair sensitive skins, and reduce redness or vascular concerns as well as helping the skin recover from other treatments such as IPL, laser, peels, microdermabrasion or even tattoo removal. Making LED the perfect compliment to enhance many other treatments you might be eyeing off.


No matter what the skin question, LED is probably the answer. This treatment is so often understated because what can lying under these bright lights really achieve? Well as you can see… alot. Often in salon it’s used in conjunction with a facial treatment to supercharge those results. But, it’s also a really effective treatment in its own right and a nice way to sit back and relax.


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