Benefits of a facial

Do you think of a facial as something purely for relaxation? If so … then keep reading.


Yes it’s true that the humble facial treatment can do wonders for stress levels, it’s a great opportunity to slow right down and just relax. But they are more than just slapping a bit of cream on your face. There’s an art to it (yes, you’re right… I could be a little biased).


There’s a big focus on results right now. Yes clients want to relax, but so many of us are time poor that treatments need to tick all the boxes. They need to do something you can’t necessarily achieve at home.


Firstly your skin is thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated. This step is important as it gets rid of old daggy skin cells on the surface. These cells are bound to naturally slough away eventually but we give them a bit of a head start. This makes a clearer path for the products that follow to sink in more effectively.


Masks are applied to boost nourishment in the skin. They serve a wide range of purposes and what is used largely depends on what your skin needs on the day. But think jam packed with nutrients, calming, soothing and hydrating. A mask is usually accompanied by a facial massage. Again serves a bigger purpose than just touching your face to kill time. A facial massage stimulates blood and lymphatic flow to detoxify and stimulate the skin. It also kind of acts like yoga for your face and can lift and tone the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. But, at the same time a facial massage done well is deliciously relaxing so kick back and just enjoy.


Then comes the slapping on of creams.... Targeted serums, gels and creams. Again, it’s all dependant on what you and your skin needs in that moment. But these thinner / runny serums can penetrate into the skin and get where those thicker creams can’t go. So they also act as a carrier to get them there. And the beautiful thick nourishing creams are designed to work that bit closer to the surface.


Immediately after a facial you’ll have a beautiful glow, your skin will be soft and smooth because those older cells have been removed. Then over the next couple of days your circulation has been boosted and it’s nice and hydrated. After about 4 weeks the full benefits of the facial really kick in because this is when the skin cycle has come full circle. Those well nourished cells from deeper within the skin have moved to the surface and that’s the beautiful healthy skin you see in the mirror everyday. At that 4-6 week mark those cells are starting to get a bit daggy so it’s time to start the process over again and come in for your next facial.