What is Radio Frequency?

Radio Frequency or Thermage is a type of non surgical, non invasive anti-ageing treatment. It uses RF waves and heat to penetrate deep into the skin and stimulate collagen production. The result? It’ll give you younger, firmer looking skin without having to resort to surgery.


We’ve all heard of collagen. When we are young it’s a nice strong network of fibres that gives the skin ‘plumpness’. But as we age, from about 18-21 (depending on which expert you ask), our collagen production lowers by about 1% each year. Resulting in fine lines and wrinkles and those early signs of ageing. Then it can increase up to about 7% reduction per year after menopause.


A thermage treatment tightens your skin from the inside out. Stimulating the young collagen cells to ramp up production of collagen fibres, to minimise wrinkles, lift and firm your skin. The most common application is on the face and neck. But it can also tighten upper arms, tummy and thighs as well, a great option for those who have sagging skin as a result of weight loss.


It’s not a quick fix though. Radio Frequency can take around 6 months to see the full effect of these treatments, but its not all doom and gloom, there will be an instant lifted result, it just keeps improving over time. Remember we are stimulating natural processes and this can take a bit of time. Generally, a few treatments are required. Obviously how many ultimately depends on your desired outcomes first and foremost as well as depth of wrinkles, general skin health and your overall health and lifestyle factors. 


What can you expect from a treatment? Its nice and gentle, with no damage to surrounding tissue, so no downtime… you can go straight back to work after a treatment if you like. Your skin will be cleansed and a fine layer of gel applied and the treatment itself is painless but you do feel a little warmth.


So if you’re curious about this non-surgical skin tightening. Come in for a chat with us at Soul Studio Beauty and Wellbeing today!