Give yourself time to see the change

Why it's important to give yourself time.

It’s true, there are some pretty incredible things that can be done with skincare and non invasive treatments. But, unfortunately it can’t be done in one treatment. So if you are looking at changing anything all we ask is that you allow yourself plenty of time.

A face lift is going to give you instant results when it comes to wrinkles. Yes. Is there recovery time? Yes. Is it going to hurt? Probably. Is it going to hurt  your wallet? Most definitely. Whereas treatments like radiofrequency or photo-rejuvenation even facials and skincare. They give you a subtle lift, a subtle change. The beauty of it is you can walk out of the salon or in the case of skincare your home as though nothing has happened and let the technology work its magic over time. But that’s just the thing... it does take time. If instant is what you want then something has to give. It’s either a series of gentle treatments and subtle results or big and bold get shit done in one hit. I’m going to be super blunt here and say it’s unrealistic to expect a big bold result from a gentle no downtime type treatment. Make sense? So if you’d like to be able to carry on about your day as though you’ve not had any treatments done but still see fantastic improvements in your skin… allow yourself plenty of time. Like I’m talking months just to be safe. And commit to the possibility of multiple treatments. If weeks is all you have then go big.

Same with skincare. If you want to make a positive lasting change with your skincare. One facial treatment and one nights application won’t do much. But consistent effort over time it will. You may not always notice the subtle changes that are occurring but they are. Deep down change is happening and it will come to a point where the result isn’t
    “OMG I haven’t had one single pimple on my face since I started using xyz products.” But rather it will be …

“You know what actually my breakouts haven’t been as big or as sore or as frequent as they had been in the past.”

Or even…

    “I don’t look as tired as I did last year”

It’s those little changes that are cause for celebration.

The reason it doesn’t happen over night is we are working with your skin’s natural healing responses. In most cases we are just giving it a good kick up the arse to do what it does best, only a little faster than it has been. And providing a little nourishment along the way to support this process. So you will see fantastic results and have been nurturing your skin the whole time.

As beauty therapists / skin therapists we are a little limited as to how high we can crank up the machines. Or how strong we can apply a peel. We can’t prescribe you anything and you really don’t want us to try our luck with a scalpel (let’s leave that in the hands of the Drs that do it best).

Our main focus is to maintain the integrity of your skin. There’s no point having no wrinkles if it means you are left with a big burn. So let me introduce you to slow beauty. It’s the new black.

Slow beauty is the name for this new movement. The concept that basically describes a skin therapists job since always... but anyway…

It’s there for those who want to see the amazing changes but really don’t want to go under the knife or inject this that and the other. And well slow beauty even accompanies those intensive specialised treatments really well because your skin is being nurtured the whole way.

So what of it?  

We take a holistic approach. Which means different treatments, customised plans all while incorporating skincare, supplements and even little lifestyle tweaks to get you the results you want. This multimodal all encompassing approach forms the basis of slow beauty. But the number one priority will always be maintaining the health of your skin. In short expect more than one visit and more than one miracle cream.

Honestly your body is a wonderful and completely amazing thing. It genuinely knows what to do… sometimes all that it needs is a little motivation and a well supported, well nourished environment. That’s where we fit. But again, it all comes down to giving your body the time to do its thing.

So if you want to see what is possible for your skin, come see us at Soul Studio Beauty and Wellbeing. We’d love to show you the way and honestly the possibilities are endless!