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Give yourself time to see the change

A face lift is going to give you instant results when it comes to wrinkles. Yes. Is there recovery time? Yes. Is it going to hurt? Probably. Is it going to hurt  your wallet? Most definitely. Whereas treatments like radiofrequency or photo-rejuvenation even facials and skincare. They give you a subtle lift, a subtle change. The beauty of it is you can walk out of the salon or in the case of skincare your home as though nothing has happened

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What is the process and what should I expect from my IPL hair reduction treatments?

First things first. Understanding hair growth. It’s a systemic thing that is influenced by a lot of factors. Simply put, your body wants you to have hair. So  it will always be trying to grow it. We can’t turn that function off. As much as you’d like us to be able to… technology in the beauty therapy arena just isn’t there yet. But we can do our very best to destroy the growing hair follicles.

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