Moisturising! That final step in your beautiful homecare routine… but are you doing it?

Whether your skin is dry, oily or in between its an important step to do daily! Personally I think both morning and night with a specific night and day cream… but that’s just me. And here’s why.

During the day your skin needs to be protected, that’s the primary goal. So here in Australia that means a minimum of SPF 15. Even if you work inside and like me hardly see any sun. Because there’s more than likely reflections from windows, a little bit of exposure during the commute and a brief walk from house to car, car to work… then back again at the end of the day. So to keep your skin looking young and gorgeous it needs protection from those harsh elements. But it will also help to lock in moisture and prevent water loss as well, while providing nourishment to your skin.

Then at night our skin is doing something quite different. It’s repairing. While we sleep, it does its thing to keep us looking young and fresh and counteract the damage its come across throughout the day. Sun, pollution, hormonal stresses, shitty diet, alcohol, smoke etc... So to amp up that process, you want to topically apply the right stuff to make that process more effective. The uptake of ingredients is increased while we sleep so you want to make sure your moisturiser is jam packed with all the good stuff, antioxidants, peptides/proteins, hydrators. Giving lots of nourishment to the cell.

So even though it can be a bit of a pain having two different creams for the same face. It’s going to get you better results and maximise the benefits of doing your home care routine.

One thing that I do hear quite often in salon is;

I want to moisturise, but don’t because my skin is so oily”.

Now I know it can be super tempting to skip this step because of oil concerns but what if I said that it could be making it worse?

When you have the right moisturiser you are getting all the benefits mentioned earlier with the protective and repairing functions. But it can also help to regulate oil production. Because your skin doesn’t have to over compensate when lipids and moisture has been taken out from cleansing and super hot showers etc. So don’t skip this step. You just need to find the right moisturiser for you. There are plenty of lighter texture ones on the market these days specifically for an oilier skin. So trial and error, see what works for you but most importantly persevere, it can take a bit for your skin to adjust.

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