So why do we cleanse?

Are you a cleanser? Or do you just slap a bit of cream on at the end of the day and hope for the best? You know I’m going to say you should be! But do you know the point of making this a regular part of your skincare routine?


Well cleansing sets the scene. It prepares your skin for what’s coming next. Over the course of the day you’ve been exposed to various micro particles. There’s all kinds of gunk on your skin. Think of a candle burning, once its been left on for awhile the soot accumulates around the jar or if its sitting under a shelf there’s more than likely some build up under there. So your skin is exposed to all manner of things throughout the day. Which is why step 1 cleansing is so important.


At the end of the day it’s recommended that you do it twice. First one removes leftover make-up and surface debris. The second actually gets a bit deeper within the skin. So your serums and moisturisers can get straight to where they need to go rather than having to get passed all the other cr*p as well. Which will ultimately save you money (in my opinion) . Because your skincare actually gets to where it needs to to work properly. So you get the full benefit of what it has to offer. Especially at night when blood flow is higher, uptake of ingredients is also increased.


In a perfect world you’ll also cleanse in the morning, yes, yes your pretty head has only been in contact with your pillow. Just once is enough and a gentle one at that. We do this because even though we’ve only been sleeping, dust and pollution doesn’t stop. It’s everywhere, so there’s plenty of that around again! Also at night our skin does most of its repairing. Meaning… some more of those dead skin cells and oils to emulsify off. Those aren’t going anywhere with just a splash of water. So it gives your make-up a nice fresh base to sit on, and as a result will last better for you throughout the day.


So there you have it… cleansing. It’s an important step in your skincare routine, just as important as your moisturisers. If you’d like some advice as to what will suit your skin the best, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

* Photo credit - Eminence Organics Australia