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Anti-ageing solutions

Ageing is a fact of life... looking your age is another. Did you know there are plenty of ways to improve the look of your skin without resorting to injections or surgery. So you can get back to doing life without any downtime! 

IPL Photorejuvenation
Uneven skin tone is listed as the most ageing factor of the skin, even ahead of wrinkles. If you've been looking at those dark spots or red areas wondering what to do or how to get rid of them, IPL (intense pulse light therapy)might be just what you're looking for. This technology uses light and heat energy to penetrate the skin and break down the problem area. Revealing a youthful even skin tone. Treatments are fast and painless and because theres no damage to the upper layers of the skin, theres no downtime (so no one has to know). 

*Multiple treatments may be required

Full Face | 199    Decollatage | 229    Hands | 99


From the age of around 21 our collagen production drops about 1% each year. So over time our skin starts to loose that plumpness and fine lines and wrinkles start to appear. Thermalift is a painless treatment will have you looking years younger in no time! By using a combination of dermal stamping and fractional RF technology energy is applied to the lower layers of the skin. It stimulates collagen production to re-energise, while lifting and firming for a more youthful appearance.

Thermalift works with your skins natural healing response and as such multiple visits are required to achieve a full result. We recommend at least 3 treatments though this will vary from one person to the next.

*prices listed are per single session.

Face | 179    Neck | 129    Chin | 99

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Face & Dec.jpg


Similarly to facial rejuvenation and pigmentation treatments IPL can be used to improve acne conditions. The light can penetrate the skin quite superficially to oxidise acne bacteria. Simply put, it means, its able to help clear the inflammation and infection without painful extractions, and without irritating the condition further. IPL makes it possible to have that clear bright skin you've been dreaming about.

Full face | 199    Half face | 129   Chest or Back |  229

LED Light Therapy

LED is a light activation system that supports and accelerates the body's self healing capabilities. With this pain free treatment you get... radiant rejuvenated skin & ongoing results with no downtime or side effects. It is beneficial for a wide range of skin conditions including acne, dehydration, pre mature ageing, pigmentation and so much more.

It's a wonderful relaxing treatment on its own and perfectly compliments any facial.

Face | $59    Body | $79      3 x face | $129



You only get one skin... and you have to wear it everyday for the rest of your life! look after it well.

The Bespoke
The Bespoke facials are the perfect balance between results and relaxation. We combine microdermabrasion technology and divine organic skincare to deeply exfoliate and revive dull tired skin. No scrimping on the massage either... You'll feel a noticeable difference after just one treatment and still be feeling the benefits up to two weeks later! 

Acne Treatment
Acne skin can be painful and really takes its toll on your self confidence. This clearing facial focuses on cleansing and restoring your skin without over stimulating. Paired with LED light therapy bacteria doesn't stand a chance and the skins natural healing processes are enhanced.

The Classic
Indulge your senses with the delicious Eminence Organics products and drift away in utter relaxation. Your skin will be absolutely glowing, nourished and hydrated while you get to enjoy our signature Hungarian facial massage.

The Petite
For the busy woman, a petite facial is the ideal pick me up. And its the perfect lunchtime treat. Indulge your skin and senses with beautiful Eminence organic products leaving your skin hydrated and revived.

KaHuna Massage

Originating in the South Pacific KaHuna was used during Rites of Passage as a transformational massage and healing system. It is unique in a number of respects. The practitioner flows around the table almost dancing while applying soft and deep tissue massage, working with energy attuning the flow of the massage harmonising various rhythms within the body.

Its much more than a massage, its an amazing experience that enlivens your body, honours your soul and helps to restore balance and harmony within.

60min  |  85          90min  |  125        120min  |  155


Relieve tired aching muscles with a beautiful relaxation massage. The perfect way to unwind.

30min  |  39      60min  |  75      90min  |  99

Body Scrub

Buff away dull skin with a full body scrub. Delicious Eminence sugar scrubs are a real treat for your skin as well as your senses.          |  59


A quick treat for your hands includes; nail shape and buff, cuticle tidy, moisturise and polish
Express  |  45

To indulge a little more add; thermal hand exfoliant, clay mask, hot towel, massage, age spot serum (optional), moisturise
Deluxe  |  75



Refresh your feet - soak, nail shape and buff, foot rasp, moisturise, polish.
Express  |  55

For that little something extra ADD;
aha exfoliant scrub, clay mask, massage.
Deluxe  |  85

Callus Peel

The perfect addition to any pedicure. Easily removes excess skin build up and cracks on the heel without over stimulating by excessive rasping.
Add to pedicure  |  30


Our quick skin loving waxing services are available for the face and body so you can enjoy silky smooth, hair free skin anytime!

Brow shape  |  19
Brow tidy  |  15
Lash tint  |  19
Brow tint  |  17
Lip  |  15
Chin  |  15
Pick 2 - Brows/Lashes/Lip/Chin   |  29
Pick 3 - Brows/Lashes/Lip/Chin   |  39
Full Face inc. brows  |  46

Underarm  |  23
Half Arm  |  34
Full Arm  |  43

Navel  |  10
Bikini  |  32
G-string Bikini  |  47
Brazilian  |  70
Brazilian rebook <6 weeks  |  60

Full leg  |  59
3/4 leg  |  49
1/2 leg  |  39

Full back OR chest  |  57
1/2 back or chest  |  32

*Prices effective 1st September 2018, subject to change without notice.