We proudly use and recommend Eminence Organics Skincare. A small batch product hand made with love in Budapest, Hungary. These products focus on results without the undesirable ingredients like; parabens, sulphates, petroleum and mineral oils. So you can be assured only the very best ingredients have been used. Each product contains cold pressed herbs, seeds and plants delivering vitamins and minerals to your skin, as nature intended. And they smell good enough to eat!

Image provided by Eminence Organics





Does your Little Miss love to raid your make-up stash? Now they can have their own! And you get peace of mind knowing they aren't putting any harsh ingredients onto their beautiful delicate skin. 


Hanako hand crafted aromatherapy uses pure essential oils; concentrated extracts from flowers, plants, trees, shrubs, resins and seeds to bring you healing essences, natural perfumes and alchemy kits. Essential oils are natures gift, not only aromatic but are known for their healing properties, promoting physiological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Providing you with a natural alternative to synthetic scents.

Image by Hanako Therapies