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Eminence Organics Skincare

Established in Hungary Eminence have been at the forefront of the organic skincare movement since 1958. By melding herbal craftsmanship, unique skin rejuvenation techniques and hand-picked ingredients to deliver organic biodynamic skincare that is good for both your skin and the Earth. These products are held to rigorous performance standards, see for yourself how this superior range can deliver outstanding results.

Beyond the skincare Eminence Organics are committed to creating a better future through a number of initiatives.
Forests for the future sees a tree planted for every retail product sold. Millions of trees have been planted in developing countries worldwide. Providing families in need with valuable farming education, sustainable food resources and ongoing sources of income.
Eminence Kids Foundation is a not for profit initiative providing seriously ill children in hospitals and long term care facilities worldwide with a supplement of organic foods to aid their recovery and healing. A portion of proceeds from every product sold supports the foundation. for more information visit;


Hanako Therapies

Gorgeous aromatherapy, pure-fume and essences, use only pure essential oils, gem and flower essences to embrace the healing properties of nature. Created to provide a healthy natural solution to synthetic scents. 

I AM...; Vibrational scents are your natural alternative to perfume. This range helps to lift your being, not just through scent but through the energetic properties each ingredient holds.

MERIDIAN BLENDS; Based on traditional chinese medicine, these blends have been designed to compliment the 12 main energy lines within our bodies. By applying these to specific accupressure points you can correct the flow of energy and achieve harmony and balance within.

ESSENCES: When patterns of behaviour become stuck, essences illuminate other pathways. Helping to support an awakening of inner self and encourage healing

ALCHEMY KITS; Support your body, mind and spirit while releasing and realigning with these 4 step combinations. Ignite self awareness and become empowered by the body's ability to self heal. Pack consists of 1x I AM spray, 2x Meridian Blends, 1x Essence.

FOR BABY; Goodnight Baby is a blend of relaxing essential oils and essences to assist your little one in letting go of the days adventures. Connect and bond with them as you massage into their feet before bed. 
Happy Baby a blend designed to support your little one's emotional balance. Essential oils and flower essences have been selected specifically to soothe, calm and uplift their mood.




No Nasties

Pretty play make up for the little miss in your life. No more raiding mums make-up cabinet, she can have her own. And you get peace of mind knowing only the best ingredients are going onto her gorgeous delicate skin. Nothing nasty!