Never run out of your favourite skincare again! Now you don't have to remember to call into the salon when your home care is running low, and avoid that check out shock when you restock your whole routine. All of your essentials can be delivered to your door. With manageable weekly instalments.

Simply choose whether you prefer 3 or 4 monthly and you're all set. We'll get in touch just before your delivery is due to double check what flavours you are craving. You can stick with what you already love or try something new. You won't get bored of the same old products that's for sure. And you won't have to worry about having WAY to much of one thing, because it can be different every time.

Each box will contain; a cleanser, moisturiser and your choice of an exfoliant, masque or booster serum AND we'll throw in a sneaky little surprise as well. It could be free products or salon gift vouchers... who know's you'll have to wait and see.

T&C's: This is not a lock in contract, you can cancel any time. Any products received must be paid in full before terminating weekly subscription. 2 weeks written notice is required.
How often would you like a special delivery?

We put a lot of thought into how we could make regular 'me time' accessible to more people. And as a result the VIP memberships were born. Weekly/monthly direct debits make budgeting your relaxation and skin therapy really easy, you don't even have to think about it really. 

But its not just your regular treatments that you get as part of the VIP program... NOPE! There are a heap of other perks including; A FREE massage every 6 months, 10% off all products AND IPL treatments (all the time), priority booking, an extra special something on your birthday AND other exclusive specials as they come up. Sounds pretty good hey!

There are three different levels... and something for everyone! Take a look below


The Total Bliss

This one is the ultimate in regular pampers. Each month you get to look forward to:

A 1 hour bespoke facial treatment (it includes microdermabrasion)

An express pedicure

And your choice of a massage or body scrub

Glowing Skin

If you want glowing skin all year round this is the one for you. Each month you get;

A 1 hour Bespoke facial treatment

LED light therapy

Perfect to stay on top of your skin maintenance and have you feeling a million dollars!



Flexi Options

Not sure if you want to commit to the same treatment every month? This option is great if you (like me) are a little indecisive.

You can choose one of the following:

Express Pedicure


Body Scrub

As well as one of these:

Foot callus peel

Eye package (brow tint & wax, lash tint)

Spray Tan